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Terrible Dean Koontz’s Terrible Book Titles

When I was in prison, I spent two weeks in Segregation. Some of the only books available to read were several by Dean Koontz. Staring at his book titles for time uncountable, I realized some patterns, and eventually made this chart. Enjoy the laughable absurdity! 🙂



The Sorry State of Modern “Literature”

This graphic speaks volumes, and loudly.

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The Venn of Koontz

Ours is the generation that needs to overcome this nonsense–to start taking risks again, to write books that are distinct and memorable, ones that reach for something truly great; if we missed, at least we failed in a noble pursuit. I’m talking about altering the entire motherfucking literary landscape here! The baby-boomers had their chance, and most of them failed woefully (see above). Now it’s time for US to go down in history as the generation that reinvigorated the stagnant cesspool that the world of published books has become. Will you join me? Take my hand, I’ll lead the way…