Orange Rain: A Novel

Now released in paperback via TREBOL PRESS! E-book also available.

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Orange Rain, paperback

Orange Rain, e-book–just $4.99!

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Wheelchair-bound veteran Max Wright is homicidally enraged with people who wrecked his life—people he has never met or even seen. The Vietnam War left him poisoned and cancer-ridden from the spraying of Agent Orange, legless, and addicted to heroin, forced to sell drugs to support his habit and suppress his pain. Now he’s kicked heroin, and burns for revenge on the loathsome corporation that manufactured Agent Orange.

With his Vietnamese ex-prostitute girlfriend Mai Linh, Max hitchhikes across mid-1980s America. Destination: Florida, where a university medical clinic is performing cutting-edge prosthetic leg implants. Only when he is able-bodied, Max reasons, can he attempt an attack on the corporation that ravaged his body, and decimated Mai Linh’s life. Hot on Max and Mai’s trail is Victor Wattana, the “Oriental Massage Parlor” owner whose money they stole and penis they snapped in half following a rape attempt.

From the illicit pharmaceutical underworld of San Francisco’s Tenderloin to the cocaine-dusted film set of amputee porn in booming Las Vegas, from the urban-industrial hideout of militant black revolutionaries to a botched backyard lynching by Texas frat boys, Orange Rain hurtles from one stunning scene to the next. It sways between the hilarious and the hideous, exploring myriad dark places in America where the two intersect. It is an ode to our ability to endure in the face of horrific suffering. A celebration of feminine strength and spirit.


“The eco-warriors next door embark on a lightning round of vigilante justice. Orange Rain is what happens when the Monkey Wrench Gang goes Death Wish and moves from the scrubland to the streets. Literature that incites.” -Peter Young, former ALF prisoner, chief editor at Animal Liberation Frontline

“Orange Rain is not a politically correct novel—which is why it is so appealing . . . [the main] character has a clear revenge mission he never wavers from . . . [It’s] the type of book that could never be published by a mainstream publisher, as they would be too afraid to touch the taboo subjects it contains. Jan Smitowicz’s first novel . . . is fast-moving, fun to read, and isn’t the same old tired thing we see coming from traditional publishers.” -Kimberly Steele, author of Forever Fifteen and other novels

“A compelling, fast-paced adventure through some of society’s most intriguing subcultures . . . filled with incisive political commentary. This timely and important novel is a must read for anyone concerned about the state of the planet, or simply looking for a good read.” -Camille Marino, former political prisoner, founder of Negotiation is Over and Eleventh Hour for Animals

“An exciting new author with a new voice to bring to the world of fiction. The literary world is in desperate need of more writers like him.” Veronica Rosas, playwright

Thanks to my wonderful, egalitarian, vegan-owned, Eco-conscious publisher Trebol Press for taking this on!


A Huey helicopter unleashing the “orange rain” on Vietnam.


Jan Smitowicz is the Hunter S. Thompson for a new generation, and ‘Orange Rain’ is every inch the mind-bending ride you would expect from such an author. I guarantee you’ve never come across a novel like this before. The pace is fast and the the language is both inventive and obscene . . . If you long for a world where despicable behavior has immediate and devastating consequences, Mr. Smitowicz has your order up.”

“I’m always up for a plot in which the little guy fights back against the big guy. And you can’t get bigger than Monsanto. Go, Max!…Rapists getting beaten. Poisoners getting poisoned. Dogs getting liberated. That kind of justice is always so cathartic. I don’t read enough of it.”

Orange Rain is fast-paced and exciting . . . a tale of pure beauty.”

“You must read this, my peeps. You must relish the dark humor, the excitement, predicaments, the shredding of evil entities, the endings that make the world go ’round. I don’t care how the academics describe this book – I’m doing it my way: you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be singing from rooftops. Oh, yes you will!”

A rollicking adventure in which a search for legs and revenge leads to a cross-country trip jam-packed with thrills, chills, and seat-of-the-pants escapes…Exhilarating, thought-provoking, and relevant, Orange Rain is worth your time!”

“I loved this book! I literally couldn’t put it down. It explores some really serious topics (veterans and PTSD, chemicals and the environment, fat corporate America) in a fairly dark but wildly funny twisted way that engaged me from the first page.”


23 thoughts on “Orange Rain: A Novel

  1. dweezer19

    My husband would likely love your book. We are both Stephen King enthusiasts and, well, you know Mr. King holds nothing back either. Good luck on your book sales and thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Just so you know, Orange Rain is currently available for FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD until about midnight tonight. Promotional 5-day thing. All I ask of people that download and read it is that they post a review on the Amazon page, that’s it!

  2. dweezer19

    I made a vow to start Orange Rain today and I just finished Chapter 1. I love this guy already! Really good. I will enjoy it all the way through I’m sure. I felt like I was right there, could smell the stale cigarettes, booze and-well-everything else smelly. lol Great job!

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Oh wow you seriously made my day, no joke–thank you!! Let me know what you think of the rest (if you get through). Note: If you make it through Chapter 2: Las Vegas and are sick to your stomach and feel like quitting, PUSH THROUGH! That sequence is the most grotesque one of the book, I promise =)

  3. dweezer19

    Okay. I think I’ll be okay. Unless you are far worse than Stephen King…I have things like this in my head-a product of living with four sons and a husband who is very ‘real’. I was holding back in my short story Smoke and Mirrors but it was definitely a step out for me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Nice job!

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Well, it’s just twisted. But it’s NOT grotesquerie for the sake of grotequerie–I’m trying to make an observation on our culture, to say something meaningful. While at the same time pushing the envelope, and hopefully being (dark-dark-darkly) funny! =)

  4. dweezer19

    Okee dokee. Made it through Chapter Two. I love the story. About the only thing is its a lot of graphic stuff for me. Im no pansy, mind you, and the story and characters are great; but beyond a certain descriptive point, I get a bit distracted. Other than that, I am so into this guy. I have even mentally assigned him a persona. Every time he talks I just keep hearing Gary Sinise’s voice. Maybe it was his whole Forest Gump thing,, but there it is just the same. Okay, Im moving on to Chapter Three, hopefully tomorrow. Love it.

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Great to hear! Like I said, if you make it through Chapter 2 and haven’t thrown the book down and said FORGET THIS IT’S TOO MUCH! it should be fine; the Las Vegas sequence is the most gruesome and *descriptively* gruesome section of the book. There are other intense/disturbing parts, believe me, but the end of Chapter 2 is the worst. If you feel like, I’d be thrilled to literally hear what you think after EVERY chapter, that would be Jantastic! Not necessary though. What I hope you’ll do more than anything if you’ll finish it is post a review on its Amazon page! (helps me IMMENSELY)

      ❤ Jan

  5. dweezer19

    Oh I will definitely do a reveiw for you when Im done and also try to post it on my goodreads shelf with a review. I may well send tou an update after each chapter, time and life permitting. I want to read on so….here we go!

  6. dweezer19

    You are welcome. When you can Id appreciate some feedback on my one short story on my blog, Smoke and Mirrors. It was a side step for me and Im curious what others might think. I could have gone darker, but as a woman Im a bit timid about that. Thanks!

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is to write WHATEVER I WANT, to not worry or give the slightest damn what other people think. If you wanna go dark, GO FULL-ON OR GO HOME! 😉 This is particularly valuable advice for me, because I write such bizarre, twisted, dark, unique stuff (as you’ve no doubt realized by now) =)

    2. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      And I definitely will read your story when I get the chance. If I haven’t gotten back to you about it in, say, a week, PLEASE remind me (scatterbrained, bad short-term memory)!


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