Reading E-Books Without an E-Reader

Did you know you can read books published via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (AKDP) without having a Kindle? Not a lot of people know it, but it’s super easy.

CLICK HERE for a full list, with links, of free Kindle reading apps. It features a huge variety of devices, including smartphones, other e-readers, laptops/PCs, tablets, and more.

Once you do that, you can read my published works for super cheap; my black humor anti-Monsanto political revenge thriller Orange Rain is just $2.99 (also available in paperback). Redwood Falls, an epic coming-of-age environmental thriller brimming with over 400 pages of thrilling literary fiction, is only $1.99. Finally, Kiss Me Like You Mean It–a poignant, funny, entertaining, and heartbreaking narrative nonfiction look at some of my experiences doing Hurricane Katrina relief work in New Orleans, featuring about a dozen photographs I took there–is a mere $0.99!

Happy reading!


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