Why Review a Book?

Great, pithy little summation of why it’s so helpful for people to post reviews of books–especially if they’re written by indie/grassroots authors like myself! 🙂

Scribbles and Somedays

Well, because encouragement–and gentle, useful critique–is appreciated, and authors need it as much as anybody else! Also, there’s this:

dcd0046a-f8a5-42ac-9ed7-0c3eca7c3e92-originalPlus, if there’s something that doesn’t work in a book–a plot line, a characterization, an unsatisfactory ending, or some other aspect of the story–the author will appreciate your saying it. That is, if you say it kindly and without ranting overmuch!

Or if you absolutely loved a book, let the author and your fellow readers know you did, and why!

A good review:

  • is helpful to the author
  • doesn’t rant and rave (much)
  • states what you liked and didn’t like
  • provides a little useful critique
  • offers your personal response to the story

You might also include a rating or a recommendation for who would enjoy the book, especially if you’re reviewing it for a blog or Amazon or Goodreads.

Do you review the books you read? What kind of reviewer are you–helpful, ranting…

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