FreeBook Fridays!

Very soon, I will begin a new promotion. Every Friday, I will publish a chapter from my novel Redwood Falls. The entire thing will be made available as an e-book on Amazon if people want to read the whole novel right away. But I will publish one chapter per week until the whole thing’s available for free, piece-by-piece.

Unreal Redwood

Redwood Falls is the story of David Foster Sayers, who decides as a child that he wants to be a writer. His overbearing mother decides to do anything it takes to stop him. Foster eventually embarks on a search for his missing father, who may or may not have faked his own suicide. Redwood Falls is a big-hearted, wild earth-centered ride about friendship, creativity, madness, family, and community. It is an edge-of-your seat environmental caper, an eco-thriller in the proud tradition of Edward Abbey’s classic The Monkey Wrench Gang.

Stay Tuned! My FreeBook Fridays will be starting before the year is out!


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