My Go Vegan Radio Interview

Great interview with me on Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden this past Sunday! We discussed a whole range of topics, including veganism (natch), animal rights and liberation, the inherent racism of the American “justice” system, my time in prison, the vile Monsanto corporation, and my debut novel ORANGE RAIN, from which I read a short but powerful excerpt. Available for listening here:


Learn more about ORANGE RAIN here:


4 thoughts on “My Go Vegan Radio Interview

  1. Kay Rodriques

    Wow, 50K in prison in Illinois? I wonder how many are in California? Double that amount? You are lucky others paved the way for you so you could get vegan food though I think I’d rather eat peanut butter and jelly every day instead of claim religion!

    1. Jan Smitowicz Post author

      Haha! Yeah it was shitty, but I didn’t have to go to church or anything–that would’ve been a deal-breaker, I’d just eat beans and rice 😉 Thanks for your comment and reading!


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