My Review of “Global Industrial Complex” Published

The new issue of the Green Theory and Praxis Journal, a project of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, is now available online here; it includes my piece, “Unpacking the Dominant Paradigm: A Review of Global Industrial Complex“, on pages 53-55.


Here is a short excerpt from my essay; this portion addresses the chapter “Agricultural Industrial Complex” by Vandana Shiva, an Indian physicist and activist for sustainability, small farmers, and food justice:

“[Shiva] demonstrates unequivocally how industrial agriculture is completely fallacious and unsustainable; it eviscerates the soil and water and environment as a whole (accounting for 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, the majority of this caused specifically by animal-based agriculture); it jeopardizes and even kills the small farmer—200,000 farmers in India alone have committed suicide in the last decade as a direct result of corporate practices, especially those of the loathsome Monsanto and its dangerous GMOs; and industrial agriculture produces food that is far less nutritious than more sustainable and traditional methods.  Indeed, it is the very “technologies and economic systems that are offered as solutions to hunger that are actually creating hunger” [emphasis added] (172).  She also indirectly demonstrates how the catastrophic effects of overpopulation—namely, mass hunger, as 33 countries at the end of 2008 were experiencing moderate to severe food crises—predicted by Thomas Malthus in the early 1800s and reaffirmed by Paul Ehrlich in the late 1960s are now unquestionably a reality.”

Please check out the issue and support this grassroots academic and activist project!


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