Pro-Gay Soapbox Excerpt From My Prison Memoir

Anti-religion/pro-gay soapbox-screed I just wrote in my prison memoir, Rebel Hell: Doin’ Time for Barely a Crime (it’s referring to a book I was skimming through called “Free On the Inside”):

Free on the Inside
Let’s not forget that the bible was written thousands of years ago by men. Men who believed the Earth was flat, and that it was the center of the universe (typical human delusions of grandeur), that giant sea monsters were a legitimate threat, that women were to be subjugated and were ethically and socially beneath men, and so on and on. But oh wait, it’s okay, these men were prophets. God spoke to them. Do you realize, my Dear Reader, that today we would call these people delusional and prescribe them anti-psychotic meds?

Anyway, the parts where people have written about their drug and/or criminal history are entertaining. After I’m finished with those, I turn to the front of the book and read the section for questions frequently asked by inmates (FAQ). They’re amusing, albeit annoying—at first. But then I get to question (21): Is there a way out of addiction (drinking, drugs, sex, gambling, homosexuality)? As my eyes hit that last word, I cry out, “Oh my god!” in disgust. Lip curled, I heave the fat book across the room, its pages fluttering, and it crashes into the cell door with a loud echoing bang. “Fucking scumbag pieces of SHIT!” The implications of it are repulsive to me, unconscionable. As if human (homo)sexuality were a disease, like drug addiction!

Stop reading right now if you think I’m wrong.

People don’t have severe physiological cravings for, say, heroin—unless they’ve already tried it. But there are uncountable droves of men and women who were physically attracted to members of their own sex since they were very young, before EVER having homosexual encounters.

Pretty fucking intolerant for people who *claim* to be followers of Christ; you know, the Prince of PEACE? It is this kind of thinking that leads to the routine violence and atrocities committed against gay men and women. Remaining silent in the face of this level of bigotry is a tacit approval of that violence and hatred. The FAQ plainly stated that homosexuality is an addiction, which means that it is a disease.


I’m NOT looking forward to the barrage of conversion attempts I’ll have to fend off during my prison bit.



4 thoughts on “Pro-Gay Soapbox Excerpt From My Prison Memoir

  1. labontetrax

    haha, I love this. Hey, your twitter… I can’t seem to find you in my feed though I have followed you. And it isn’t showing up on your website (follow me on twitter, that is).


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